The hairstyle consists of a series of practices that aim to give a certain shape to the hair. The finish, on the other hand, serves to redefine its appearance and everything that is done Pre/Post on the strands, to give shine, softness or opacity, etc… to the hair that needs it. The ZOE-T Research and Development Laboratories formulate the BE.COOL line to give greater possibilities and creativity to the hairdresser’s creative work. The finishing products of the BE.COOL line are extremely important for your hair, especially if you want to have soft, luminous and healthy hair. In practice, they are references that no one can do without



200 ml

THERMO PROTECT.ME is a winning combination with the hair straightener. Hair will be visibly healthier. Total protection for your daily hairstyle.

BENEFITS: Double action: polymers and conditioning agents act to prevent cuticle lifting by improving the surface of the hair. Light and invisible spray, each strand of hair is covered with a protective barrier.
THERMO PROTECT.ME is characterized by an advanced protective system extended by its active ingredients (Keratin, Argan Oil, Milk Proteins, etc…), specially formulated to maximize your hot styling and to obtain a fantastic look.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: THERMO PROTECT.ME can be applied before or after drying. Shake the bottle well before use. Apply to damp hair immediately after shampooing, spray on lengths and ends, leaving roots out. In this way, it will protect your hair from the heat of the dryer. Spread the product over the lengths and ends, leaving the roots out, in case of using it on the dry hear before ironing. This ensures greater protection when ironing, achieving a perfect fold. In any case, it will prolong the duration of the hairstyle.



200 ml

The BI-PHASE RECOVER spray with a biphasic formula is a treatment for all hair types, especially dry and damaged hair. This biphasic treatment provides softness and shine to the hair. It provides a multi-protective veil without weighing down the hair, making it also suitable for fi ne hair. Strengthens the hair fi ber, disciplines rebellious hair and facilitates combing. Ideal for daily use. It is applied directly to damp hair without rinsing.

BENEFITS: BI-PHASE RECOVER is composed of active ingredients of vegetable origin (Argan Oil, milk proteins, etc…)It is combined with Keratin, allowing the shine, luminosity and beauty of your hair to be conserved for longer period.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake bottle vigorously before application, spray onto towel-dried hair after shampooing. Leavein, use this leave-in treatment every day for dry hair.



150 ml

Hair gel, allows you to create all kinds of looks, shaping your creativity

BENEFITS: POWER MAX Gel can be used on damp or dry hair and offers a strong hold but is easy to wash out. It tames waves, sets curls, gives a wetlook fi nish and is suitable for all hair types and textures. Provides volume and shine and leaves no residues.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Work a small amount of product between your hands and apply to damp or dry hair. It can be used every day on damp or dry hair.



150 ml

MEMORY TEXTURE is a fl exible fi xing product for all hair types. It has a memory effect that allows you to change and maintain your look throughout the day. With a fl exible consistency, it provides a malleable texture to the hair.

BENEFITS: Its formula, carefully studied and rich in active ingredients (keratin, argan oil, milk protein, etc…) gives body and texture to all types of hair and allows you to create all the hairstyles you can imagine. Helps preserve hair with a natural fi nish.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Distribute the product on the lengths and ends of the hair. It can be applied both before and after drying to shape and defi ne the desired hairstyle



75 ml

Liquid crystals are a real wonder for the hair because they manage to discipline it and leave it shiny and perfect from the fi rst applications. An essential “must-have” that you cannot miss and try at least once.

BENEFITS: CRYSTAL SHINE DROPS is for cosmetic use, it has an oily but not greasy texture that is deposited on the hair fi bers improving their appearance. Basically, CRYSTAL SHINE DROPS, unlike other products, is not absorbed into the hair structure, but remains on the surface to polish and smooth each hair fi ber. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, you can decide to use them to combat frizz and prolong the hairstyle, they will help your hair not become unmanageable in case of rain, wind or humidity.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Proceed by applying very small amounts at a time. The dispenser is capable of releasing drops of product, 3 or 4 drops will be enough if you have medium / short hair; 6 drops, no more, for long hair. Apply the product to lengths and ends, avoiding the roots.



75 ml

Discover the secret of a perfect look, because you deserve to always be up to the task. Try now this Liquid Wax suitable for all types of hair

BENEFITS: Create your hairstyle naturally, LIQUID WAX does not grease the hair and leaves no residue. It will allow you to style your hair in the most genuine way possible. Thanks to its ingredients you will have in your hands a product with which you can create the style you prefer. Enhances the natural shine of the hair, gives the fi nal touch to any style and shape, easy to apply, and resistant to humidity.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Put a small amount of product in the palm of your hand and create the desired style with your fi ngers.



75 ml

SHINE WATER. Wax to mold hair naturally. Strong hold, shiny effect.

BENEFITS: Water-based fi xing wax, with a strong hold, that provides a natural shine for a fl exible texture. It shapes and separates the strands during the modeling phase. Ideal for all types of hair.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take a small amount of SHINE WATER product between your fi ngers and apply it to dry or damp hair, proceeding to style as desired.



75 ml

MATTING PAST. Soft cream easy to mold. Firm hold, matte effect.

BENEFITS: Matte molding wax, which provides volume and perfect shapes, giving a matte appearance without weighing down the hair and without leaving traces.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take a small amount of MATTING PAST product between your fi ngers and apply it to dry or damp hair, proceeding to style as desired.



75 ml

CLAY HARD. Compact molding paste. Natural fi xation, basically opaque effect.

BENEFITS: Clay wax for molding, which fi xes the hairstyle and increases its duration, providing a natural fi xation. It gives hair a basically opaque effect.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take a small amount of CLAY HARD product between your fi ngers and apply it to dry or damp hair, proceeding to style as desired.