WayBlond Cream
Bleaching cream created to lighten the hair with a greater protective power on the skin and the hair. Zero dust | Doesn’t dry or swell | Protects Skin and Hair | More than 6 tones of Lightening | Suitable for all Lightening Techniques | Doesn’t opaque or dry the hair | Conditioner and shining action. The mixture remains soft without releasing liquid. Doesn’t swell. It allows up to 6/7 shades of lightening. It has a more gentle action on the hair. Less aggressive on the skin. Moisturizing effect on hair after the decolorization.
WayBlond Cream allows a countless amount of applications: streaks, highlights, light baths are made quickly while respecting the structure of the hair. With WayBlond Cream it’s also possible to perform the pickling of cosmetic colors, while maintaining the same advantages that you have on the natural hair.

Deco Cream
Conditioner Action

Deco Cream Conditioner Action


250 ml

MIXING FORMULA 1:2: 40 ml. WayBlond Cream + 80ml.
WayActivator 10V. 20V. 30V. 40V. The volume of the oxidant should be chosen with the criteria of the amount of tones to be lighten, the state of the hair health and the type of application used.
Exposure time: From 20 to 50 minutes, is recommended to frequently make a visual inspection until the desired color is reached.


ACTIVE AGENTS: Rice Proteins (Oryza Sativa) Moisturizing, soothing, refreshing, calming and anti iching. | Corn proteins | Moisturizing and refining thanks to its rich composition of fatty acids, such as oleic and linoleic acid. | Guar gum: Emollient and softener properties for the skin, moisturizing and hair care cleanser.